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From Rene Redzepi to Giorgio Locatelli it’s pop-up time with an Olympic focus

Heard the one about the Danish chef who’s charging £195 for dinner at a restaurant that will be shut down shortly afterwards?

Well that’s one of the many pop-up tales that will be enacted this summer – along with a cafe on top of a car park and £5 for five courses. There’s plenty of temporary eating experiences heading our way, however unlikely they might sound. Read on and maybe get booking…

1. Noma at Claridges

The most anticipated pop-up this year. Three-Michelin star chef René Redzepi will be cooking at Claridges during Olympics time with local herbs and British ingredients. He’s already spotted some ‘goosefoot’ (an annual plant that looks a bit like tarragon) on the hotel roof so food miles will be low. You won’t be able to get a seat or two – it’s £195 a head and sold out – but thanks for coming over René!

2. The Cube By Electrolux, Royal Festival Hall

8 Michelin stars, 6 chefs, 4 months, 1 unique dining experience: that’s the billing from sponsors Electrolux who are after headlines and diners aplenty. The set-up is that you’re be part of 18 people per meal, cooked for by Michelin star chefs such as Sat Bains and Daniel Clifford of Midsummer House, and you’ll be able to see them going hell for leather in the kitchen. It actually works out almost as pricey at the Redzepi experience, bearing in mind drinks are included at £205 for dinner – so decide for yourself whether adding in great views of the Thames makes the whole thing worth it.

Book for 1-24 June on +44 (0)207 288 6450. More dates (and other chef details) will be released on 21 May

3. Pret a Diner, 50 St James

Apparently “Italians do it better” – so Giorgio Locatelli will be creating traditional Italian dishes and tasking other well-known chefs to do the same in the heart of the West End. It’s at 50 St James, and marks a return for the Pret a Diner folk after their appearance during the Frieze art show with Nuno Mendes last October.

May 9-June 30

4. Delicious by DS5

Masterchef’s Tim Anderson is cooking dishes somewhere in Shoreditch (that mystery thing again). You have to like the Citroën page on Facebook to be in with a chance of winning a seat at this - as with British Airways’ April pop-up with Simon Hulstone – but it’s now sold out. At £5 for five courses it seems from the organisers’ point of view that this is more about getting Likes than turning a profit.

From 16 to 19 May

5. Frank’s Cafe, Peckham

Returning to the scene of it’s success last year, atop a multi-storey car park in Peckham, this venue might go by the name of ‘café’, but it’s no egg, ham and chips place. You can gnaw on grilled lamb chops with tzatiki or savour baked wild sea trout with crushed tomatoes, all for under a tenner per dish.

From 30 June (Thurs-Sun, 11am-10pm)

6. Burgher Burger, Edinburgh

This is a once-a-month event has already seen Tony Borthwick of The Plumed Horse in Leith and Ed Murray/Dale Mailley of The Gardener’s Cottage behind the stove this year. Go for meat cooked various ways by a guest chef at £32.40 for three courses at a café. And get on the mailing list here.

Ongoing, once a month

And that’s the pick of them it’s now about having the heavy wallet and relaxed attitude to give them a go.

Daniel Clifford is the man on Great British Menu

Daniel Clifford is turning in a storming performance on Great British Menu and frankly it makes me want to take up his offer to sample the food he’s turned out for the TV show.

He’s previously mashed up his MIchelin star billing with under par performances in the BBC kitchen, but this time Daniel has turned scores of 9, 9 and now 10 for the main.

Sat Bains managed a 10/10 with his slow-cooked duck egg with pea sorbet, ham and pea shoots and this latest effort from Clifford seems equally likely to have people heading to his restaurant just to smaple it.

"I’m not here to make enemies, I’m here to cook great food" is what he tells Aktar Islam.

And as from 24 April, Midsummer House will be serving the full Olympic-sized effortHere’s the full four-course lowdown of what’s on offer – get in there!

Starter – caramelised veal sweetbread, onion and cinnamon purée, burnt onions, wood sorrel

Fish course – stuffed red mullet, parmesan purée, confit!lemon, roast artichoke, green olives and Iberico ham

Main course – slow poached chicken, sweetcorn, wilted spinach with bacon and peas, chicken juices

Dessert – raspberry and tarragon roulade, white chocolate cookie dough, salt and pepper powder and tarragon oil