Food and Foraging

A big post-wedding feast in Cyprus!

The day after the big event at a lovely villa with swimming pool in a mountainside village called Neo Chorio (you don’t pronounce the ‘c’).

The children stayed in the pool, which was all the more for us! I.e. delicious food prepared and delivered by some local tavernas in the village.

And certainly there were some brutal-sounding dishes that kids and the English contingent were better off not knowing about.

The first picture, for example is of ‘Shieftalia’, a mixture of pork mince, onion, cinnamon, parsley and…wait for it…sheep stomach lining.

A cracking dish. Then there was the Loukániko sausage, pork offal cooked for a long time in red wine.

I’m doing this in order of the pictures to make it easy: we then had the classic southern Cypriot dish of Souvlaki, melting, tender and yes - fatty – pieces of pork cooked over a charcoal grill to make what we know as the kebab. Here’s to pork fat.

Finally a gentler dish of Spanakopita – spinach pie. This was the first entrance to the meal the vegetarians could make, so no ‘special dietary requirements’ there.

And to finish some great ‘Pishies' - deep-fried pastry dripping in syrup with orange blossom water. Take a look at a map and you'll see how close Cyprus is to the Middle East. Or taste food like this and you'll save yourself the bother.

Plus those spinach pastries again, but this time filled with amari, and known as ‘Dhaktyla' or ladies' fingers. Amari is the whey that gets left behind in hallomi making. They boil it to thicken and add sugar and put it in dishes like this. More please!

And here’s to Victoria and Pedro on their marriage. It was only one village at their wedding, but it felt like the whole of the island turned up. Luckily I managed to grab some of this great food before it all disappeared.

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